Remote Sensing Application Center - ReSAC

ReSAC solve and develop high-tech tasks in the field of geo-informatics, integrating the methods of remote sensing and geographic information systems. The results are widely used in decision-making process of land management and land use, environmental management, inventory of soil, forestlands and water resources, urban planning, infrastructure, assessment of natural and anthropogenic environmental risks, citizen awareness, etc.

The association operates as a research center of excellence methodologies for research and development, innovation and dissemination of satellite data and has a full range of HW and SW equipment. Through our products and value-added services we offer solutions, consulting and training in image processing, GIS, rapid mapping of areas affected by disasters, etc. ReSAC qualified team includes specialists who have undergone training and practice in high-tech centers in Germany, Italy, Belgium, France and others.

ReSAC is responsible for digitization and georeferencing of all data, visual interpretation, modeling and creation of GIS databases to create a modern digital map of the grasslands in Bulgaria.



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