GIS Module

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The implementation of a GIS module is based on free open source tools. GeoServer, to ensure the providing of mapss / spatial objects / visualization / download services (WMS and WFS) and PostgreSQL / PostGIS for vector data and metadata along with file system Shapefile data and / or raster.

Thematic maps are created with the Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD), by using XML standard defined by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), to define the way in which each layer displays the map in different scales.


The site will host OGC services which are accessible from any compatible client application and a web viewfinder of maps which provides the basic viewing functions. The options are structured in the following sections:

  • Search: find information available using metadata
  • OGC services: CSW, WMS, WFS, WCS
  • Downloads: data file download, via HTTP, to use with local applications.
  • Map Viewer: a lightweight, web based, map viewer that provides the basic viewing functions for the data.

Where the main components are deployed integrating the following open source technologies:

  • Geo-database: PostgreSQL with PostGIS spatial extension
  • Map server and map services (view, download, SRS transform): Geoserver
  • Catalogue management and services: GeoNetwork (optional)
  • Thick client (desktop front-end, GIS authoring, thematisation): uDig, QGis.


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